Rolled up a bundle of joy

The skills honed from the practised craft of cigarette-rolling forms the foundation of rolling more intricate funnelled objects commonly known as the ‘joint’ or ‘spliff’. This white, hand-crafted, conical, elongated object is filled with the connoisseur’s choice of herbal bouquet; a mix of carefully prepared and dried fragrant leaf of an exotic, Sativa-Indica plant sometimes with a little tobacco sprinkled in. ‘Sparking up’, involves lighting the tip and slowly dragging the other end by placing the lips on the roach, a paper filter tip, and savouring the sweet smoke, slightly unusual taste of the plant which brings euphoric feelings of a happy high, relaxedness, increased senses and an unhurried perception of time. The consumer will later experience a mellow buzz behind the eyes, the increasingly heavy eyelids causes the eyes to squint under its own weight, and a dry aftertaste is left on the tongue that longs to be slaked with a glass of something juicy. The panging stomach echoes notes of hunger too, the ’munchies’, that is only satiated with something tasty– taste is an altered perception; even the most bland food can make the taste buds dance with joy in the mouth of a ‘stoned’ smoker.

Image source: THCganja

The cannabis edible delight or case of bad brownie flu?

I was talking to my friend Andrea about this blog and she was telling about her experience with drugs. Now let me explain that Andrea is not what you would even class as light ‘drug’ user – she is what you would class as a very limited, social user. She loves to drink and that is her poison of choice. She explains to me that she has friends within her circle that smoke weed, but she first tried it when her boyfriend passed the glowing, lit end of a doobie to her.

“I don’t even like to smoke,” she ensures me, “but I’ve never actually felt the experience of weed because every time I’ve tried it, I’m usually too drunk to feel the effects.”

One normally questions the mixing of alcohol and effects of marijuana together as a bad combination; so I asked if she has ever had any bad experiences with marijuana.

“There was this one time…” she recalls avidly, “when one of my cousin baked a batch of brownies…” Continue reading