Rolled up a bundle of joy

The skills honed from the practised craft of cigarette-rolling forms the foundation of rolling more intricate funnelled objects commonly known as the ‘joint’ or ‘spliff’. This white, hand-crafted, conical, elongated object is filled with the connoisseur’s choice of herbal bouquet; a mix of carefully prepared and dried fragrant leaf of an exotic, Sativa-Indica plant sometimes with a little tobacco sprinkled in. ‘Sparking up’, involves lighting the tip and slowly dragging the other end by placing the lips on the roach, a paper filter tip, and savouring the sweet smoke, slightly unusual taste of the plant which brings euphoric feelings of a happy high, relaxedness, increased senses and an unhurried perception of time. The consumer will later experience a mellow buzz behind the eyes, the increasingly heavy eyelids causes the eyes to squint under its own weight, and a dry aftertaste is left on the tongue that longs to be slaked with a glass of something juicy. The panging stomach echoes notes of hunger too, the ’munchies’, that is only satiated with something tasty– taste is an altered perception; even the most bland food can make the taste buds dance with joy in the mouth of a ‘stoned’ smoker.

Image source: THCganja